Get Your Santa On

With the faint jingle of sleigh bells growing louder every day and the weather about to turn from shorts and T shirt to crispy, fresh and mainly trousers – Christmas was waiting around the corner. Charlie thought about happy Christmas days around a dining table groaning with roast dinner and Red Wine shared with cousins, grandparents, parents and sister all singing carols and Christmas songs or playing instruments. Thinking about good times playing charades, doing silly dances and the marvellous bamboozlement of successful chestnut roasting he could almost smell mince pies on the breeze. It occurred to him: why not write a Christmas song for Autolegs and give the world something extra to smile about.

It was writing day 1. Everything was set for creating an independent Christmas number 1. The Sloe berries were steeping in the gin, the Chinese takeaway was ordered and the pencils were lost under the sofa. But work on the song that would be the debut single from Autolegs “Get Your Santa On” had already begun years ago in Charlie’s mind. He daydreamed the choir part in maths lessons, hummed the bass line annoyingly on the train to London (where no fun is allowed, only polite coughing) banged the timpani parts out on the pub table. It happened all at once with the energy of a last minute Christmas morning present wrapping session. The music was bursting to get out of his mind, he could not get the French horn part on to the page quick enough. The Tubular bells and choir rolled out of his mind and into the computer like a beautifully polished chiming jingly thing. If only there was a direct wifi connection between his head and computer and he could download his ideas directly to the recording.